Times for Belsay Arena Event Tuesday 24th July

Rider Name Horse Name
5.00 Helen Self Dodd Prancer
5.04 Carole Weatherley Ridgeway Hawk
5.08 Zoe Sedgley Abe
5.12 Charlotte walton Cassy
5.16 Linden Craven Twister
5.20 Jenny Dickson Jim
5.24 Luci McGowan Roy
5.28 Charlotte Forster Ben
5.32 Francesca Bell Minstrel
5.36 Leslie marshall Custard cream
5.40 Helen Self Dodd Cruise
5.44 Becky C Muffin

6.00 Jack Thomas Watson Tink
6.04 Laura fenwick Rolo
6.08 Kirsty Cordner Dougie
6.12 Kirsty C Bear
6.16 Molly Selby Tarmon Travis
6.20 Jenny Dickson Jim
6.24 Becky Ross Albert
6.28 Sam Potts Hilgarth Brocade
6.32 Linden Craven Twister
6.36 Amie waugh Yogi
6.40 Millie Willcox Mr Sunshine
6.44 Helen Self Dodd Roo
6.48 Jenny Kane Pippy
6.52 Sophie Isaacs Bush Tucker
6.56 Erikka Rayson Bee
7.00 Vicki Pagan Colin
7.04 Jade Hunter Tully
7.08 Kirsty C Buttons
7.12 Laura Fenwick Copper
7.16 Kirsty Cordner Harry

7.32 Sam Potts Hilgarth Brocade
7.36 Beckie Cordner Goulane Swatchy boy (Smurf)
7.40 Beccy Walker Rustenberg Diamond
7.44 Becky C Mrs Brown
7.48 Jack Thomas Watson Karlton
7.52 Kirsty Cordner Pixie
7.56 Sarah Dodd The Hooky Booky

8.12 Xanthe de Wesselow Sparrow
8.16 Sarah-Ann Stoker Angelo
8.20 Emily Young Humphrey

8.36 Xanthe de Wesselow Sparrow
8.40 Xanthe de Wesselow Roo
8.44 Xanthe de Wesselow Susie

Onsite photographer and catering:

Rosettes to 6th place and prizes kindly donated by