Results from Blackshaws Arena Event Wednesday 26th July

The rain stopped and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny evening in the Castle Grounds.  Thank you to Blackshaws for sponsoring the event series.

Entries are open for 9th August and 30th August via our Arena Events Page.

Well done to everyone


Class 1 80cm

1st Emily Scott on China

2nd Jenna Hall on Twisty Knickers

3rd Sue Bell on Alfie

4th Joanne Howey on Double Dutch

5th Emma Hunter on Gem

6th Sally Nicol on Star

Class 2 90cm

1st Stephanie Green

2nd Katie Wood on Monkey

3rd Jade Thompson on She’s Gold

4th Katie Wood on Tubber

5th Emily Scott on China

6th Becky Ross on Murphy

Class 3 100cm

1st Stephanie Green

2nd Diana Gilbertson on High Crane Comtesse

3rd Catherine Haigh on Bobbie

4th Christine Gray on Ettrick Diva

Class 4 110 cm

1st Laura Fenwick on Watervalley Diamond Guy

2nd Christine Gray on Ettrick Diva

Dont forget to look at your photos on Paul Fenwicks website.