We are excited to launch our series of Young Performance Horse Classes which will be followed by Arena Events this summer to be held on:

30th July – results available via this link 

25th August – results available via this link

17th September – results available

via this link

Young Performance Horse Classes

Sponsored by Equine Products Uk Ltd

Entries are open for Belsay’s Young Horse Performance Classes for 4 and 5 year olds sponsored by Equine Products Uk Ltd. Passports will be required for proof of age but there is no requirement for breeding history.
The three qualifiers will take place with the final at ValeView Equestrian
on 29th September 2020.
Dressage Test (see below): 20m x 60m Arena (25 marks) Same Test for Both Classes
The test will not be scored but marked for general impression and overall performance.
A                             Enter in working trot
C                            Track Left and Serpentine 3 loops each loop to go to side of the arena finishing at A
F X H                     Change rein showing a few lengthened strides over X (not needed for 4 year olds)
Between H & C     Working canter right
C                           Circle right 20m diameter
M X K                    Change rein with transition to trot between X & K
Between K & A     Working Canter left
A                           Circle left 20m diameter
Between A & F     Working trot
Between F & B     Medium walk
B                          Half 20m circle left in free walk on a long rein to E
E                          Working trot
A                          Down centre line
X                          Walk
G                          Halt                        Leave arena free walk on a long rein
Test to be ridden from Memory. To be followed immediately by:
Show jumping and cross country. (45 marks) We will have a combined show jumping and cross country course. There will be approximately 9 fences in each element. This will not be timed. NO time will be allowed between these sections for any adjustment to tack or rider’s dress.
Class 1: Maximum height of fences 0.90m (4 years)
Class 2: Maximum height of fences 1.05m (5 years)
Fall of horse or rider or a total of 3 refusals will result in elimination.
Note: Maximum fence height at September’s Championship Final will be approximately 5cm higher than qualifying classes.
PHASE III Conformation (12 marks) and Quality (8 marks)
Note: following Section III, the fifteen horses with the highest marks will proceed to section IV. In the event of equality of marks at this stage, the horse with the higher jumping mark will be given precedence. Should this still produce an equality of marks, all horses on that same jumping mark will come forward.
PHASE IV Suitability and Potential (1 – 10 marks)
Only the top fifteen horses from each class are required for this section. The judges will be looking for that ‘Special Youthful Star Quality’ required to eventually mature into an International 3 day event horse. 4 year olds will only be required to show a forward moving canter indicating they could learn to gallop with further development and maturity. 5 year olds may be required to show a gallop. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure they present themselves in time for this section which is scheduled to follow almost immediately after the last horse in Section III, failure to do so may result in elimination.
Note: in the event of equality of marks after all four sections, the jumping mark will take precedence. Should this still produce equality of marks, the highest mark attained in the final section will be the deciding factor
At each qualifier, ten horses from each class will qualify for the final at ValeView Equestrian on 29th September.

Arena Events 

This will be a 2-phase competition with riders jumping a course of show jumps followed by 9 cross country style jumps in the Belsay Horse Trials grass arena. The cross country section will be on an optimum time.  These classes will be run after the Young Horse Performance Classes.

This is an unaffiliated event and everyone is welcome.

Entries open now via this link http://www.myridinglife.com/RemoteLocationEventList.aspx…

Class 1.            75cm

Class 2.             90cm

Class 3.             100cm

Rosettes to 10th place and prizes in kind to 6th for each class.