Health and safety is of paramount importance

Please read your rule books for further clarification, below is an extract of some of the rules for headwear and body protector. Please ensure your hat is tagged.


Competitors’ Dress Rules:


A ‘Riding Hat’ must be worn at all times by anyone, riding anywhere at a BE Event whether or not a Competitor.

Protective Headwear, as listed below, must be worn by competitors at all times when mounted in BE80, BE90, BE100 and BE100 Plus classes.  For headwear for other classes please read the relevant rules.

When jumping, including warming up, all riders must wear ‘Protective Headwear’ i.e. a hat which meets one of the following standards:

  • British All PAS 015, BSEN1384}
  • Provided they are European EN1384} BSI Kitemarked or SEI
  • American All SEI ASTM 95, ASTM F1163 and SNELL E2001
  • Australian & New Zealand All AS/NZS 3838 1998.


‘Protective Headwear’ must show a visible BE ‘hat tag’. Harnesses must be correctly fastened. Competitors are strongly recommended to check their hats regularly and to replace them if damaged, or following a fall

Body Protector

A British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Level 1, 2 or 3 body protector, or such other body protector as may reasonably be expected to offer a similar or higher level of protection, is mandatory for cross-country. Level 3 body protectors are specifically recommended for event riders. It is strongly advised that the body protector should impede neither flexibility nor balance. (The up to date BETA list of body protectors may be obtained from the BE office or direct from BETA – see

The rule book contains detailed information concerning the clothing for all phases and gives guidance on hair, jewellery and other information such as permitted whips, spurs and tack. You are strongly advised to read your rules and if you are unclear then contact British Eventing or the event organiser for clarity.