Blackshaws Belsay Arena Event Results from 9th August

Thank you to everyone who attended the Arena Event on 9th August.

Thank you again to Blackshaws for sponsoring this series.

Photos from the evening are available from Paul Fenwick Photography.

Please find the results below:


1. Andrea Marshal on Call Him Superman (aptly named!)
2. Sam Potts on Hillgarth Brocade
3. Anna Gillespie on Mr Otto
4. Jenny Hall on Twisty Knickers (we love this name!)
5. Emma Hobday on Little Scoundrel
6. Emma Hunter on Gem


1. Anna Gillespie on Mr Otto
2. Xanthe de Wesselow on Beat the Boss
3. Sara Burdess on Saffie
4. Lucy Walby on Spirit
5. Diana Gilbertson on Sacred Mountain
6. Sue Bell on Alfie


1. Pip Nixon on Fred
2. Lucy Walby on Gigalo
3. Pip Nixon on Penny (well done again Pip)
4. Pip Nixon on Belle (now we are getting bored of you!)
5. Emi Rowell on Mojo
6. Sue Bell on Alfie


1. Pip Nixon on Fred (yes, her again – well done Pip!)
2. Ava Taperell on Fred (different one, I promise!)
3. Diana Gilberston on High Crane Comtesse
4. Louise Craig on No Name

Please note that we have added a 65cm class to the Arena Event on 30th August.   Please make your entries via our Arena Events Page.