Blackshaws Arena Event Series Results – 12th July


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Results of our Arena Event:

Class 1 80cm

1st Topsy Dickson on Buzz
2nd Melissa Lawson on Acorah
3rd Gemma Carson
4th Ella Jackson on Bumble Bee
5th Holli Shanks on Roger
6th Jenna Hall on Twisty knickers (best named horse prize as well!!!)

Class 2 90cm
1st Laura Fenwick on Hawkes Bay
2nd Xanthe de Wesselow on Boss
3rd Tracy McCann on Upper Key
4th Rachael May Atkinson on Moydrum Charlie
5th Emily Young on My Humbel Bee
6th Will Telfer on Leo

Class 3 100cm
1st Delilah de Wesselow on Minnie
2nd Diana Gilbertson on High Crane Countess
3rd Lottie Gibbons on Outrageous Grafitti
4th Xanthe de Wesselow on Roo
5th Jill Anderson on Archie

Class 4 110cm
1st Xanthe de Wesselow on Suzi
2nd Helen Self on Marley
3rd Helen Self on Charlie

Well done all and huge thanks to our Sponsor Blackshaws and to The Waffle Company for delicious food!!!

Pictures now available from Paul Fenwick Photography.

Next event on 26th July enter via our Arena Events website page