Blackshaws Arena Event 30th August – Results

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the last of our Arena Event Series, sponsored by Blackshaws! We had a huge number of entries and were delighted to get through them, even if the 110cm class were having to use their headlights!!

Class 1 – 65cm

1st Annie Lees
2nd Charlotte Wright
3rd Laura Fenwick
4th Kate Spottiswood
5th Laura Ridley
6th Ava Tapperell

Class 2 80cm

1st Lou Dunn
2nd Joanne Howey
3rd Rachel Clark
4th Ella Jackson
5th Charlie Parker
6th Jenna Hall

Class 3 90cm

1st Sam Potts
2nd Duncan Skinner
3rd Anna Gillespie
4th Topsy Dixon
5th Natalie Anderson
6th Becki Cordner

Class 4 100 cm

1st Amy Young
2nd Natalie Anderson
3rd Lucy Walby
4th Anna Gillespie
5th Ellie Forster
6th Emma Young