BE Minimum Refund and Abandonment Policy

Refund Policy
Minimum Refund Policy (as per BE Rule Book 2022 4.12.2)

  • In all circumstances the Starting Fee, plus VAT where applicable, is refundable in full if the Competitor does not start the dressage phase.
  • Entries which are properly withdrawn before Ballot Date are entitled to a full refund of Entry Fee; Ballot Numbers will be re-usable.
  • Entries which have been accepted but which are properly withdrawn subsequently after and replaced by the Organiser, will be refunded their Entry Fee less £12 admin fee, plus VAT where applicable.

ALL withdrawals in writing to

No refunds will be made after Entry Amendments date and all withdrawals must be made or confirmed in writing to A waitlist will be held. Please note all refunds will be issued within three weeks post-event.



Abandonment Refund Policy

The Cancellation of Belsay International Horse Trials will adhere to the following unless the event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions and is covered by our wet weather insurance policy.

The Abandonment Refund Heads of Terms National BE Affiliated event and International Event (FEI) to incl. all national classes – The scale of refund will be as follows based on the day the event abandons:

Stage 1 – Before Ballot Date – Full refund

Stage 2 – Between Ballot Date to 14 days prior to the start date of the competition – 50% refund

Stage 3 – Between 6 to 13 days prior to the event start date – 30% refund

Stage 4 – Between 5 days of the event starting and 17:00 before – 15% refund Stage 5 – From 17:00 the day before the event day in question – no refund

Refund of start fees will be provided except where competitors have started the dressage phase of their competition.