Arena Event Results – 26th June 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended the first in our series of Arena Events at Belsay on Tuesday 26th June! We had a lovely, relaxed evening and enjoyed watching young and old, experienced and inexperienced horses and riders tackle our course.

Fantastic catering supplied by The Game Bird! Highly recommended and absolutely delicious. Sharon from The Game Bird will be catering at all our Arena Events this Summer! Photography provided by DLT photography

Thanks also to visiting commentator Jack Thomas Watson and assistant scorers and judges, Jemima, Pip, Tory, Julie and Lucy!

We hope you enjoyed it too. Results as follows:


1. Jenny Dickson on Jim
2. Laura Fenwick on Rolo
3. Pip Nixon on Lucky
4. Lesley Marshall on Custard Cream
5. Kate Leckenby on Percy
6. Millie Wilcox on Woodfield Prince

1. Topsy Dickson on Buzz
2. Jenny Kane on Blair Dog
3. Lucy Walby on Hamlet
4. Jenny Kane on Pippy
5. Rebecca Gasgoine on Peaches
6. Becky Ross on Albert

1. Gemma Carson on Lucy
2. Hannah Robinson on Kite
3. Topsy Dickson on Buzz
4. Becky Walker on Rustenberg Diamond
5. Sally Herron on Mayflower VI
6. Lucy Walby on Spirit

1. Lucy Walby on Gigalo
2. Chelsea McLochlan on Chilli Dip
3. Will Telfer on Sailor
4. Chelsea McLochlan on Mohammed

1. Laura Fenwick on Archie