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Results for the Final Belsay Equine Products UK Ltd (Northern) Young Horse Performance and Arena Event classes held on 17th September

4 Year Olds
  1. Sally Gillespie – Oakwood Bambi – 83 points
  2. Holly Richardson – Halcon Doodlebug – 74 points
  3. Holly Richardson – Halcyon Jaguar Princess – 71 points
  4. Holly Richardson – TCE Lyrisch – 70 points
  5. Ross Middleton – Dame Von Preuben – 59 points

5 Year Olds

  1. Emma Hobday – Shadow Kingsman – 91 points
  2. James Adams – BH Gringo Legacy – 88 points
  3. Emma Hobday – Shadow Cruising Cavalier – 85 points
  4. Emma Hobday – Blackthwaite Midnight Challenge – 78 points
  5. Emma Hobday – Silver Jubilee – 74 points
  6. Emma Hawksby – Take it 2 the Law – 73
  7. Sacha Owen – Greenhall Prim and Proper – 66 points
  8. Holly Richardson – Fiorello Dior – 65 points
  9. Megan Clearhill – Silverwood – 50 points

75cm Arena Eventing

  1. Jo Fox – Sleep in First
  2. Lousia Dunn – Tia
  3. Samantha Critchlow – Reggae Sunsplash
  4. Gemma Potts – Chant
  5. Megan Clearhill – Floyd
  6. Laura Fenwick – Watermill Jamie

90cm Arena Eventing

Young Horse Performance Classes results Tuesday 25th August

  1. Pip Nixon – Jack
  2. Gavin Dunn – Spice
  3. Pip Nixon – Magnus
  4. Louise Dunn – Tia
  5. Jo Fox – Sleep in First
  6. Becka Bessant – Rodney

Results 25th August Young Horse Performance Classes at Belsay

4 year old Class

  1. Jess McKie on Mr Poker Face (80)
  2. Emma Hawksby on Rocco Fella (70)
  3. Xanthe de Wesselow on Wexfo Flying Angel (68)
  4. Eammon McIntyre on Burnlea Navigator (67)

5 Year old Class

  1. Alex Mundell on Saunderscourt Emperor (83)
  2. Sacha Owen on Greenhall Prim and Proper (72)
  3. William Pittendrigh on Drybarrows Jock Deeds (70)

Young Horse Performance Classes and Arena Eventing results Thursday 30th July

A huge thank you to Equine Products UK Ltd (Northern) for their sponsorship of our Young Horse Performance Classes and Arena Eventing at Belsay yesterday.

4 year old Class

  1. Holly Richardson on TCE Ginolinus Z (86)
  2. Jessica McKie on Mr Poker Face (85)
  3. Xanthe de Wesselow on Wexfo Flying Angel (84.5)
  4. Eamonn McIntyre on Burnlea Navigator (84)
  5. Jessica McKie on Tidy Town (78.5)

5 Year old Class

  1. Ben Hobday on Shadow Kingsman (96.5)
  2. William Pittendrigh on Drybarrows Jock Deeds (80)
  3. Emma Hobday on Shadow Cruising Cavalier (77)
  4. Issy Saxby on Ballyneaty Silver Service (77)
  5. Emma Hobday on Blackthwaite Midnight Challenge (73)


  1. Asheigh Haywood on Khattar
  2. Cilla Wood on Paintpot
  3. Clive Storey on Star
  4. Saffron Atchison on Ned
  5. Henny Cooper on Vera
  6. Rachel-May Atkinson on Moydrum Charlie


  1. Joint Winners Grace Manners on Lottie & Pip Nixon on Buster
  2. Ruby Thompson on Penstrumbly Calon Ian
  3. Laura Fenwick on Lily
  4. Emily Williams on Bendet
  5. Poppy Sutton on Ridgehill Magda
  6. Lucy Hattersley on Sappy


  1. Kirsty Heatherington on Roly
  2. Katie Reddihough on Tadpole
  3. Samantha Critchlow on Coconut Girl
  4. Laura Fenwick on Manakin
  5. Henny Cooper on Inca
  6. Cerys Rennie on Horse

Belsay International – Onwards and Upwards to 2021

Statement – Monday 22 June 2020

Despite our best efforts, we will not be running Belsay Horse Trials this year.

Having liaised with British Eventing quite intensively over lockdown, we applied to re-run the horse trials in week 22 (25th/26th July) on the basis that Burgham International was moving to week 26 (22/23 August) and it seemed to be a good weekend to run an event in the North with strong Intermediate and Novice tracks, as a preparation for those competitors heading to Burgham.  The only other realistic date discussed was week 27 (29/30 August) which falls in between the new Burgham date and Richmond (4/5 September).  This didn’t seem like such a good date to us, not least because we have had our daughter’s 21st in the diary for 29th August since last year and although we might not be able to give her the party she wants then, we simply couldn’t cancel on the basis that we were running a horse trials instead!

Unfortunately, following protests from an organiser running the same weekend (25/26 July) and one running the previous weekend (18/19 July), neither of which run an intermediate, the fixtures committee decided that “an insertion of Belsay into week 22 would constitute an oversupply of events”.  A great shame, we feel, but there you go… it clearly wasn’t meant to be this year.

In many ways this is probably a good outcome as we have completely re-designed our course in preparation for the International and it would, on reflection, have been a shame to unveil it at a ‘national classes only’ event with social distancing in place and without the great atmosphere of the shopping village around the main arena and hospitality tent for which Belsay has become famous.

So, onwards and upwards to next year when our dates will be ……. 3rd, 4th, 5th June 2021!

In the meantime, we are linking up with Equine Products and Vale View Equestrian Centre in Leicestershire to run a series of Young Horse (4 and 5 year olds) Performance Classes on 30th July, 25th August and 17th September – with 10 horses qualifying from each 4 year and 5 year old class to go to a final at Vale View Equestrian Centre on 29th September 2020.  We will also be holding normal arena eventing classes in conjunction with these. 

We very much hope that all our competitors, volunteers, sponsors and trade stands will continue to support us and we look forward to seeing you at our events this summer and, of course, at Belsay International Horse Trials in June 2021!

A fantastic write up in the ‘British Eventing Life’ magazine for Belsay International Horse Trials 2020!

Here at Belsay we are already gearing up for our International Event in 2020 and are so excited to be hosting the British Pony Championships alongside a CCI-S ** competition for seniors.

The British Pony Championships is the pinnacle of the Pony Trials Series for riders aged 16 years and under riding ponies (14.0hh – 14.2hh).  It represents the toughest test for pony riders and is run as a long format international competition over three days to give potential GB Pony Team members vital experience for the European Pony Championships, which take place in August every year.  

We have lots of exciting plans for 2020 and will be doing everything we can to give our competitors, sponsors, volunteers and visitors the most fabulous experience, generous prize money and some great entertainment. 

Belsay Horse Trials already has the infrastructure in place to host an FEI event, with a specially designed ‘International Arena’ which has state of the art sports drainage, as well as a cross country course, which will be re-designed for 2020 by Adrian Ditcham, who was responsible for the track at the 2018 European Pony Championships held at Bishop Burton.

Please do follow this link to look at some of the fantastic photography from our 2019 event.

In addition to our  International and National Eventing classes, we will also be hosting ‘Belsay Sunday’ on 31st May 2020 which will feature an exciting Arena Eventing Competition, as well as our already popular Inter-Hunt Relay and Pony Club Show Jumping, and a host of other family friendly entertainments.

For further information about trade stands, sponsorship or the event in general, please contact Laura de Wesselow on 01661881206 or 07889 437237


About Belsay


Belsay Hall, Castle and 30 acres of Gardens are open to the public and managed by English Heritage. The surrounding Grade 1 listed parkland that is the venue for the horse trials, is maintained by The Belsay Trust.

Belsay has a wonderful equestrian heritage. The Middleton family, which has owned the estate for more than 800 years, bred and trained racehorses here in the 18th and 19th centuries and even won the St Leger at Doncaster in 1859 with a horse called Gamester.

The beautiful stables at the Hall are still in evidence as is the old Stallion Park, situated at the bottom of Bantom Hill adjacent to the Castle.

Belsay Horse Trials is organised by Laura and Peter de Wesselow, who live at Belsay and represent the current generation of the Middleton family, alongside a committee of volunteers.

Our thanks must go to all of our very generous sponsors, whose financial support has been so crucial in setting up Belsay Horse Trials. We are also extremely grateful to all the doctors, veterinary surgeons, farriers, judges, starters, timekeepers, jump judges, scorers and the many volunteers who give up their time so generously and without whose help running this event would not be possible.

Contact Us

01661 881 206
07889 437237

Belsay International Horse Trials
Belsay Estate office
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