New for 2018 the Main Arena will host an Inter Hunt Relay sponsored by Jobling Purser following the Show Jumping on Sunday 3rd June, at approximately 3.30pm.

We are hoping it will be a fantastic spectacle and a great ‘craic’ for everyone involved!

Teams of four from each hunt to include at least one rider over 45 years and one junior under 25 years and one quaddie.  There will be a mirrored course set up (so two teams can compete at the same time) of mainly working hunter style jumps, of approximately 80cm, and to include one or more non jumping tasks.

Each team should provide a hunt whip to use as a baton and all members must be dressed correctly for a day’s hunting.  This is a timed competition and the starting order will be drawn.

The competition will be run as a knock-out relay and the time taken from the start of the first rider to the finish of the final competitor (the quad). 5 seconds will be added to the time for a knockdown.  If the whip is dropped the competitor must dismount, pick it up, re-mount and continue.

If a competitor is eliminated for three or more refusals another competitor must complete their round for them.  In the event of a fall by horse/rider, the team will be automatically eliminated.

Entries by 1 May (please).

Entries will be £40 a team.

There will be a cash prize of £150.00 to the winning hunt, together with sundry prizes and rosettes.  There will be a prize for the best turned out, judged by Evan Jobling Purser!

Entry forms and further information available now.  Entries Open.